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City Summary - Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu is the largest city in Hawaii, and serves as Hawaii's economic and cultural center. Nearly one million people live in the metropolitan area, and while it is well known as a tourist destination, it is also an excellent place to call home. The largest industry in Honolulu is tourism, which brings over $10 billion to the city annually. Honolulu also serves as an important economic hub between Asia and America due to its opportune spot in the Pacific. Many jobs in Honolulu, as a result, are in the import/export, military defense, and research industries.

Honolulu's temperature generally ranges between 65ºF and 95ºF, so the weather should appeal to residents who want a moderate climate. Honolulu gets a moderate amount of rain, although the amount of rain that an area receives is strictly dependent upon where in the city you are. Some areas, such as downtown and Waikiki, receive less rain than other areas.

Honolulu is safe when it comes to violent crime, but popular tourist spots such as Diamond Head and Sandy Beach attract property crime such as theft and vandalism. At night, less safe areas such as Chinatown are dangerous in which to walk around alone, but during the day, these areas are safe.

Residents looking for entertainment have many options available. Theatre-goers can see shows at the Diamond Head Theatre (also dubbed "The Broadway of the Pacific") or the Hawaii Theatre. In addition to Broadway performances and classical shows, residents can catch the traditional Hawaiian luaus scattered throughout the city — particularly downtown and in tourist places such as Sandy Beach.

Honolulu can be difficult to navigate for people unfamiliar with its layout. It is not laid out in a grid system like Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia are — the city layout is based on shorelines and other geographical features. As a result, the city's roads twist and turn more than in other cities. However, the city has a few major arterial roads which can serve as navigation points for people who need to determine how to get from one side of the city to another.
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