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City Summary - Spokane, Washington
Spokane, Washington, is located in eastern Washington, twenty miles west of the Washington-Idaho border. The Spokane River passes through the city, flowing over the Spokane Falls downtown. The official nickname of Spokane is "The Lilac City", as lilacs have flourished in the city in the hundred years that they have grown there. Spokane also received the All-American City award from the National Civic League twice, most recently in 2004.

Spokane is the second largest city in Washington and the 100th largest city in the United States with a population of 208,916. Of Spokane's residents, 86.7% are white, 2.3% are black of African-American, 2.0% are Native American or Alaska Native, 2.6% are Asian, 0.6% are Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, 1.3% are of some other race, and 4.6% are of two or more races. Approximately 5% of Spokane's residents are of Hispanic or Latino origin. The median household income was $38,939 in 2009, while the median family income was $49,835. In 2009 27.5% of Spokane's residents held a bachelor's degree or higher.

The Spokane River divides Spokane into the North Side and South Hill. These two divisions of the city contain Spokane's neighborhoods, which display a wide variety of architectural design. South Hill contains many Victorian-era buildings, while the North Side is sleeker and more modern. Spokane is also home to eighteen National Register Historical Districts, more than any other city in Washington. Over half of Spokane's downtown area is historic, showing the history contained in Spokane.

The four distinct seasons in Spokane have given the city over 75 parks for the public to enjoy. The Spokane River Centennial Trail provides an alternative form of transportation as well as a form of recreation for 37 miles before continuing as the North Idaho Centennial Trail in Idaho. Besides the natural attractions within the city, the Spokane area contains over 75 lakes for recreation.

Spokane is home to many yearly events, including the yearly Lilac Festival, held on the third Saturday each May. The Bloomsday Run, held on the first Sunday of each May, is a 12-kilometer run that runners and walkers alike can participate in. It draws around 50,000 participants a year. Spokane is also home to Hoopfest, the world's largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament, which takes place on the last weekend in June.
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